Summer tournament

Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Tournament Final Results

in th final night of the summer tournament Bob Sherry beat Antonio Altamarano, John Moldovan won 2 games against Bob Vinson nd Joe Renna, Mark Kernighan beat Greg Tomkovich, and Pat Mazillo split a pair of games with Andy Altamarano. Bos Herry took first with 16.5 points, John Moldovan was second with 14, Mark Kernighan was third with 10.5, and Antonio Altamarano won the U 1200 prize. Thanks to all for playing. Greg

Friday, July 01, 2011

Summer Tournament Week 4

There were 16 games played this week, 10 in the open section, and 6 in the U1200 section. Winners in the open included Mark Kernighan, Praveen Balakrishnan, Don Carelli, John Moldovan, Greg Tomkovich, Geoff Mcauliffe, Braedon Reinoso, and Bert Shiffman, who won 2 games. Ian Mangion and Steve Leisch drew. In the U1200 winners included Alexksy Senyatkin, Andy Altamirano, Antonio altamarano, Leticia ?Sefia(2 wins) and Paula Sefia.

The current leaders in the open section are Mark kernighan and John Moldovan with 4 each, followeed by Greg Tomkovich with 3, and don Carelli with 2.5. Geoff McAuliffe, Bert Shiffman and Joe Renna have 2 each. In the U1200 section Andy Altamirano has 5, Leticia Sefia has 3 and Joe Azzarello and Antonio Altamirano have 2 each.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

2011 Summer Tournament Week 1
This year we are trying an experiment, running the summer tournament in 2 sections, an open and an U 1200/Unr section. So far we have 16 people in the open and 3 in the U1200. If we do not get more people in the U1200 in the next couple of weeks I may decide to merge the sections, but probably have an U1200 prize.
In week 1 action, Mark Kernighan beat Joe Demetrick, Ian Mangion and Don Carelli drew, Joe Renna beat Ted Mann, Wayne Burnett and Chris Constantino drew, Greg Tomkovich beat John Moldovan, and in a intersection game Bert Shiffman beat Joe Azzarello.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Tournament Week 7

With the Summer Tournament reaching the halfway point, Ari Minkov is in the lead with 9 points, 2 ahead of Ken Chieu. There is a three way tie for third between Mark Kernighan, Ian Mangion and John Moldovan with 5 each. Just behind them are Greg Tomkovich with 4.5 and Dave Paolowski and Lou Sturniolo with 4 each.

This weeks results:
Lou Sturniolo beat Ian Mangion
Ari Minkov beat Pat Mazillo
Dave Palowski beat Greg Tomkovich
Steve Stoyko beat John Moldovan
Mark Kernighan beat Joe Demetrik
Greg Tomkovich beat Ed Delasandro
Mike Wojico beat Ed Delasandro

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Welcome to the 2010 Kenilworth Summer Tournament. There are 14 participants after 1 week.
Week 1 saw 2 upsets, Max Scherer beat NM Mark Kernighan and Greg Tomkovich beat Ari Minkov. In other action, Ian Mangion beat Joe Renna, John Moldovan beat Joe Demetrick, Lou Sturniolo beat Pat Mazillo, and Dave Palowski and Don Carelli drew. Ken Chieu and Geoff McAuliffe did not play. Good luck to all.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Tournamaent Week 11

Ian Mangion regained the lead this week with 2 wins, one over Pat Mazillo aqnd one over Mikhail Krugliak for a total of 12 points. Mark Kernighan beat Don Carelli to remain in second with 11. John Moldavan took over third place with a win of Mikhail Krugliak and a draw with Greg Tomkovich, to give him 9.5, while Greg dropped to 4th with 9. Geoff McAuliffe beat Tedd Mann and Joe Renna beat Bert Shiffman.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Summer Tournamant Week 9

As the summer tournament enters the final 4 weeks we have a new leader and a tighter competition. Mark Kernighan beat Max Scherer to take the lead with 9 points, while I beat previous leader Ian Mangion. Ian is still in second with 8.5 and I am in third with 8. John Moldovan beat Bert Shiffman to hold on to fourth with 6.5 and Don carelli beat Pat Mazillo for his 6th point. Tedd Mann beat Geoff McAuliffe and Gordon Agress beat Lou Sterniolo to round out the action for the night.