Summer tournament

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Week three of the Summer Tournament saw two new players join, Sylvia Castill and David Zhu, David beat Sylvia in their game. Our leader Ian Mangion extended his lead to 4.5 points by beating Bert Shiffman twice. Mark Kernighan beat me (or I should say I beat myself) to take sole possesion of second place with 3 points. In other action Max Scherer beat Don Carelli, Rich Lewis took 2 from Luis Raules, Jim Cole and Lou Sturniolo drew, Tedd Mann beat Joe Renna and Bill Sokolowsky beat Geoff McAuliffe.
The prize fund is now $69 for first, $35 for second and $11 for third.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Three more people joined the Summer Tournament this week, Mike Wojico, Pat Mazillo and Jim Cole to bring the total to 21. The prize fund is now $63 for first, $32 for second and $10 for third.
In Thursday's action Mark Kernighan beat Max Scherer, Ian Mangion got a win and a draw against John Moldvan , Don Carrelli beat David Pawlowski, Pat Mazillo beat Lou Sturniolo, Tedd Mann beat Glen Hart, Jim Cole and Bert Shifman split 2 games and Greg Tomkovich beat Joe Renna. The current leader is Ian Mangion with 2.5 points, Kernighan, Carelli, and Tomkovich each have 2.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The 2009 Summer tournament has begun. There are currently 18 participants. the results of last nights games were Don Carrelli beat Ian Mangion, then in a second game Ian beat Don,
Joe Renna beat Brian Balint, then lost to David Pawlowski, NM Mark Kernighan beat Mikhail Krugliak, John Moldovan and Max Sherer drew and I beat Tedd Mann. There is a five way tie for the lead with 1 point. The current prizes are 1st $54, 2nd $27 and 3rd $9. I expect a few maore entries over the next couple of weeks.
Good luck to all. Have fun.