Summer tournament

Friday, July 01, 2011

Summer Tournament Week 4

There were 16 games played this week, 10 in the open section, and 6 in the U1200 section. Winners in the open included Mark Kernighan, Praveen Balakrishnan, Don Carelli, John Moldovan, Greg Tomkovich, Geoff Mcauliffe, Braedon Reinoso, and Bert Shiffman, who won 2 games. Ian Mangion and Steve Leisch drew. In the U1200 winners included Alexksy Senyatkin, Andy Altamirano, Antonio altamarano, Leticia ?Sefia(2 wins) and Paula Sefia.

The current leaders in the open section are Mark kernighan and John Moldovan with 4 each, followeed by Greg Tomkovich with 3, and don Carelli with 2.5. Geoff McAuliffe, Bert Shiffman and Joe Renna have 2 each. In the U1200 section Andy Altamirano has 5, Leticia Sefia has 3 and Joe Azzarello and Antonio Altamirano have 2 each.