Summer tournament

Saturday, July 25, 2009

We are now just past the halfway point in the summer tournament, with some interesting games this week. Mike Wojico won a piece from Mark Kernighan but in the end lost it back, and lost the game Mark is still just 1/2 point behind Ian. John Moldovan who was playing 2 games simultaneously looked lost on both boards, but he managed a draw against David Pawlowski and beat Tedd Mann. Ian Mangion held on to first place with a win vs Lou Sterniolo. Don Carelli and Max Scherer split a pair of games and I beat Bert Shiffman to remain in third. Pat Mazillo and Joe Renna agreed to a draw.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Tournament Week 6

Leader Ian Mangion lost to David Pawlowsky this week to see his lead drop to 0.5 over Mark Kernighan who beat John Moldovan. John also lost to Joe Renna. I spilt 2 quick games with Mike Wojico to stay in third place, our 2 games took less time than any other 1 game. Don Carelli beat Max Scherer, Jim cole beat Bert Shifman and Tedd Mann beat Joe renna in other action.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kenilworth Summer Tournament Week 5

Ian Mangion continued his winning ways by beating Don Carelli once again/ Ian and Don have played 4 games, their maximum, with Ian taking 3 of 4. Ian now leaeds with 6.5 points. Mark Kernighan beat Max Scherer with mere seconds left on his clock, thanks to the 5 second delay, to stay in second with 5 points. I beat Tedd Mann for my 4th point, and remain in third. Jim Cole lost to Pat Mazillo and later to Bill Sokolosky.

Friday, July 03, 2009

The summer tournament continues to roll along smoothly. The 24th player, Gordon Agress, was added last night breaking last year's record of 23. Gordon won his game vs Sylvia Castill. Ian Mangion pulled out a victory with seconds remaining on his clock vs Don Carelli to maintain a 1.5 point lead with 5.5. Mark Kernighan remains undefeated with a victroy over Joe Renna giving him 4 points and second place. John Moldovan and I split 2 games, giving me 3 for third place and John 2. Max Scherer beat David Pawlowski to give him 2.5 points, and Bert Shiffman upset Geoff McAuliffe to give him 2 points. The prize fund is now $72 for first, $36 for second and $12 for third.